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The Province of Cebu has so much natural wonders awaiting travelers and tourists from all over the world and the country to explore and experience. Be it in the highlands or on the coast lines, there are just plenty of options. And now that Philippine Dry Season or “Tag-Init” is at its peak, beaches are the more convenient choice to dodge the scorching heat of the sun and enjoy quality time with family and friends. If you’re lucky on a fine sunny day, you get to view a splendid sunset over Negros Island, across Tanon Strait.

Here in Cebu, one of the go-to beaches is Moalboal white beach, in the Municipality of Moalboal. With water fronts fondly called by the locals as “Bas Daku” which translates to English Big Sand and “Bas Diyut” or Small Sand, this coastline of white beach gets swarmed by beach goers from all walks of life all year round. With only about 3-4 hours of land travel from Cebu City, Moalboal white beach is perfect getaway without the need to travel further by ferry, outriggers (banks) or ro-ro barge.

How to get there on a public transport:

From Cebu City’s South Bus Terminal, get into a bus bound for the Municipality of Badian. Once you reach the town proper of Moalboal, there are several tricycle or “Habal-habal” rides (fares vary) that would take you to the beachfront where you can look for affordable accommodation at backpackers’ rates. Installing tents on the shoreline is now prohibited but you can install tents on areas few meters off the white sand or the shoreline.  A number Restaurants and cafe serve food and beverages at a relatively higher price.

Three tips before we end this post:

Bring your sunblock.

Dispose your wastes properly before leaving.


Moalboal, Cebu’s Go-To Paradise

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