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We were handed a rare privilege to become a part of the Technical Working Group of Oro Kalimpyo Awards 2018. This program aims to widely develop and train Kagay-anons to uphold and practise Republic Act 9003 of 2000, an act imposing proper ecological waste management thereby reducing the country’s end waste and improving environmental health.

An initiation by City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (CLENRO) and the Local Government Unit of Cagayan de Oro, OKA was participated by 76 Barangays out of 80 (in three categories being Urban, Suburban, and Hinterland). A series of monitoring and evaluations were held at assigned barangays by OKA’s Technical Working Group which was then divided into teams. The evaluation period lasted for six months, including weeks of preparation and brainstorming lead by CLENRO officials. The barangays with the most points on OKA criteria for judging got to win cash prizes, plaques and a marker for the grand winner of each category. Now on its second year, CLENRO and the City Government of Cagayan de Oro envision Oro Kalimpyo Awards to be an annual program geared towards proper and sustainable ecological waste management practice by Kagay-anons.  

In the recently concluded Oro Kalimpyo Awards held at Centrio Mall last January 30, Barangays Bayanga (Hinterland), Canitoan (Suburban), and Barangay 22 were hailed as deserving winners in their respective categories. Congratulations to all the winners!

The father of the city, Honorable Mayor Oscar S. Moreno noted in his speech that the city has been receiving praises from other LGU’s around the country citing CDO’s achievements in both health and education sector development. And with Oro Kalimpyo Awards, the city’s goal toward effective ecological waste management is a work in progress, starting this year with banning of single-use plastic.

Also delivering her heart-warming story on the CDO’s effort in becoming environment-friendly, Vice Chair on Ecological Solid Waste Management Board, Madam Eileen San Juan, expressed her optimism for Cagayan de Oro to be one of the country’s most self-efficient LGUs in solid waste management department. She recounted that the Local Government Unit of CDO even sent  a team to Japan to study this country’s method in ecological waste management, especially their complex segregation of the solid waste. Madam Eileen fondly recalled that you could hardly see a “basurahan” or trash bins but if you saw one, there would be many boxes lined up, each box intended for specific waste. And if there’s no trash bin in sight, the Japanese would just take their waste home, and religiously refrain from littering. 

Just how clean Japan is…  I must say Japanese discipline only comes second in mind. I have read a blog somewhere that talked about why the Japanese take so much effort and all the hassles in sorting trash into tens of categories and recycling them to a point that hardly a single litter could end up in a landfill. 

The modern world knows that Japan has had its share of the world’s darkest hours. No, we are not talking about the Second World War. I mean, Japan has seen the most terrifying natural phenomena in the past decades. Earth quakes, volcanic eruption, tsunamis, name it! But there is this unwavering wstrength that the Japanese possess, raising them back on their feet in no time. So despite all these trying times, why do all these trash breakdown?  Simple. The Japanese love every inch of their land. And they could not afford to ruin such a beautiful country by throwing in stupid behavior. 

See how clean Japan is, be it in the metropolis or in the countryside…

The world-famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Dubbed as the world’s busiest scramble crossing, foreign tourists and workers cross these pedestrian crossings in thousands on rush hours and holidays. Yet if you look closely, not a speck of a litter.


The countryside Japan also comes devoid of ungodly litter.


For me, the love for one’s Motherland is a fundamental value that Japanese live by, and that we Filipinos generally take for granted. But I am hopeful for my beloved Cagayan de Oro.

Japan is Oro’s Inspiration to Cleanliness

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